Just Potent Raspberry Ketones plus African Mango, Green Tea, and L-Carnitine

Just Potent Raspberry Ketones plus African Mango, Green Tea, and L-Carnitine

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Product Description

Just Potent Raspberry Ketones is a natural blend of proven natural weight loss ingredients. These ingredients -- raspberry ketones (500mg), green tea, African mango, and L-Carnitine are winners when it comes to weight loss and fast fat burning.

Raspberries ketones are derived from the raspberry fruit and numerous studies and success stories have backed the fat burning power of these berries. Raspberry ketones have hormonal properties that instruct the body to use up fat stores and fat from consumed food instead of storing them while at the same time helping to rejuvenate the metabolism and helping to suppress one's appetite. Aside from the fat burning powers of raspberry ketones, it also helps control blood pressure and helps strengthen one's cardiovascular health.

African mangoes have been proven to help facilitate weight loss after researchers from a University in Cameroun, West Africa discovered that it contained properties that helps suppress appetite, increase metabolism, reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol while giving you great strength that can last you for a whole day. African mangoes contain powerful antioxidants and they’re especially known for their fat burning power. When used over time, African mango can help one lose weight with no side effects. A recent study showed that participants who were given African mangoes for weight loss lost around 13 pounds during a test that spanned 8 weeks.

Green Teas are great for weight loss because they help boost one's metabolic rate without causing the heart to work harder. Fat oxidation, lower bad cholesterol, better thermogenesis, helps you feel full and overall body health. No wonder the Chinese love and adore green tea.

L-Carnitine helps channel fat stores to be used as fuel by the body and has been linked to limiting one's cravings for food.

Product Features

  • Can help you lose weight. See results within first week of use. Results not typical.
  • Target fat stores all over the body
  • Helps suppress appetite to a bearable minimum. Just Potent Raspberry Ketones doesn't eliminate your appetite, but it keeps it under control and helps you feel full.
  • Experience increased metabolism, increased energy, and alertness. No jitters, crappy feelings!
  • Helps get rid of harmful toxins from the body
  • Helps promote healthy cardiovascular health and also helps reduce one's blood sugar level.
  • Excellent source of vitamin A, Iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin c, B vitamins 1-3, manganese, vitamin k, and magnesium.
  • All natural ingredients with no side effects and no artificial coloring or additives!


  • Raspberry Ketones: Unofficially certified as the #1 fat burner in America for 2012.
  • African Mango: African magic that performs wonders with fat burning, appetite suppression, thermogenesis, and a whole lot more
  • Green Tea: Help boost your metabolism, lowers the body's bad cholesterol and helps your body feel good and alert.
  • L-Carnitine: Channels fat stores to be used for energy.
  • Cocoa Extract: Promotes energy with no jitters and does not stimulate the central nervous system.


Benefits Of Just Potent Raspberry Ketones

Safety Information

Do not exceed recommended serving size. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if the safety seal is broken or damaged. Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women. If you're taking any medication or planning any medical procedure, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

How to use Just Potent Raspberry Ketones

Adults, take two (2) capsules daily as a dietary supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any side effects to when I use Just Potent Raspberry Ketones?

No, there are no side effects whatsoever from using our Raspberry Ketone supplement. Continued use will not also cause any side effects or harm.

How many milligram of raspberry is present in the JP Raspberry Ketones?

Our formulation contains 500mg of raspberry ketones and an additional 900mg of our proprietary blend. These added ingredients make losing weight with raspberry ketones even more effective.

Do I have to be on a diet to lose weight with your raspberry ketones?

No, you do not have to be on a diet to lose weight with our Raspberry ketones. While we understand that you will burn fat with raspberry ketones only, we have fortified our product to make sure you're not just burning fat alone. Our product has been fortified with green tea, African mango, and L-Carnitine to ensure you burn even more fat, regulate your appetite, and gain energy. This ultimately will help you lose weight faster and naturally with no side effects.

How long can I use the JP Raspberry Ketones for?

For as long as you would. If you think you have excess and abnormal fat in your body, you can use our potent supplement to burn them until they disappear.

Do I have to exercise to burn fat?

We advise that you do some form of exercise when using this product. JP Raspberry Ketones will help you burn fat without exercising, but what do you want to do the extra energy you get from using our product? Exercising with our product will definitely get you the quickest results.

Did Dr. Oz endorse the raspberry ketones on his show?

Yes, he did endorse the raspberry ketones as the #1 fat burning supplement in America for 2012.

Will I gain the weight back after I am done using this product?

No, you will not gain the weight back if you make healthy choices after losing weight with our product.

Is your raspberry ketones manufactured in China?

No, our supplements are manufactured here in the United States in FDA approved labs and facilities.

Can your product be shipped to countries outside of the U.S?

Yes, we offer shipping to many international destinations. Among the countries that we ship to are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cayman Islands, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, India, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and Virgin Islands (U.S).

We practically can ship to anywhere in the world. If you do not see your country included in the list above, please contact us so we may be able to work with you.

Have more questions, chat with one of our helpful representatives today. We're online 20 hours daily :)

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