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Just Potent High Grade Kelp Supplement | 225mcg Per Tablet

Just Potent High Grade Kelp Supplement | 225mcg Per Tablet




Just Potent High Grade Kelp Supplement | 225mcg Per Tablet

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Kelp is a good source of iodine. The body needs iodine in order to create thyroid hormones. These hormones are vital for human growth and development. Iodine can be found in in different parts of the body but the most concentration of iodine is found in one's thyroid gland.

Iodine deficiency can lead to low thyroid hormone levels. Additionally, being deficient in iodine could lead to sluggishness, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, sensitivity to temperature changes and a whole lot of other problems.

If you're deficient in iodine or your iodine level is low, we highly suggest kelp supplementation. If you're looking to lose weight, using kelp along with other weight loss products can ensure that your metabolism is active and ready to be put to work to break down those hard to digest foods.

Product Features

  • Iodine support
  • May help with weight loss by boosting one's metabolism


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Safety Information

Consult our health care professional if you're taking kelp for thyroid imbalance. Keep out of reach of Children. Do not use this product if you're pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use if you experience unusual symptoms. Do not exceed recommended serving size except under the direction of a health care professional. Not recommended for long term use without periodic breaks.

Allergen: A small percentage of people are sensitive to iodine and could develop a painful and enlarged thyroid gland if they consume iodine rich substances such as kelp for longer than one month. Please take with caution if you plan to use kelp for a long time.

How to use the Just Potent Kelp supplement

As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet daily with or without food.


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